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Most of the sites were infected recently with malware (most of the php’s injected with malware code).

One of the sites happens to be a forum which uses vBulletin. Even this was infected - a fresh install of vBulletin software fixed the issue, but only temporarily.

After a day or 2, again all the files were infected and couple of users posted snapshot of Mint.js infected as well.

So in attempt no 3, I cleared up vbulletin and mint and did a fresh install. Again after couple of days, files ended up being injected with malware !!

In attempt 4, I removed mint (did not reinstall) and just installed vbulletin. And now there seems to be no issue with malware!

Is it possible that malware is in mint DB? If yes, is there any way to scan/clear without losing the analytics data. Please suggest

Note: For site scan, I used http://sucuri.net

Posted on Feb 17, '12 at 06:15 pm

I believe I’m having the same issue. I haven’t tried uninstalling, but every php file on my domain has had a script inserted into the beginning of it. This has only happened on the domain I have Mint installed on.

Posted on Apr 25, '12 at 09:54 pm

I’m having this issue as well now. When I try to access Mint on one of my domains, I automatically get redirected somewhere else. The rest of the site is clean (so far, it is a Wordpress site that I secured after having it injected with Malware in the past).

I have no idea as to an answer, though.

Posted on Apr 25, '12 at 10:02 pm

Update - I found that the Index file, the config file, and items in the Pepper folders were all affected. I did not isolate which pepper/plugins, as my main priority was needing to get the stats back up for a report.

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