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I have several updates of software apps that I control and I use a third party program to monitor the downloads. I looked into mint for watching the downloads, but the mint app doesn’t monitor the downloads.

It doesn’t matter what I specify to the file-types nothing is monitored.

Can anyone give me a hand on setting this up properly or point me to someone who has created the pepper so I can get this done right.

It’s my understanding that the download file type can be anywhere on the domain and the mint captcha’s the download and records it, but this isn’t happening.

Thank you.

Posted on Feb 24, '12 at 04:31 am

You’ll either need to force the Downloads pepper to monitor downloads (in the preferences, “Automatically redirect links (using JavaScript) which end with one of the file extensions below”), or, the more elegant solution, use some sever rewriting to route files through the Downloads pepper (which is transparent, so the url doesn’t change).

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