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Textpattern and Bird Feeder Pepper

Posted on Apr 22, '12 at 06:49 am

I know, this is a known topic and i found a solution by Ramanan from 2007 (http://funkaoshi.com/debug/using-bird- … extpattern) posted here at the Mint and at the Textpattern Forum, but today in 2012 with Textpattern 4.4.1 together with Mint 2.19 the solution doesn’t work any more.

Is there a general solution available or a new fix out?

Thank you and

best regards


Posted on May 19, '12 at 07:55 am

Sorry, But i think i’m not the only one who use Textpattern. Is anybody there, in this Mint universe who had the same problem and hide his solution?

Posted on May 21, '12 at 04:16 am

You could ask in the comments on that page and ask if he’s got up–to–date instructions, and post them here after that :-)

Also, while I don’t use TextPattern, probably only the line numbers may have changed — just search for the code to be replaced, maybe that helps.

Posted on May 26, '12 at 08:41 am

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t run. Yes, the line numbers are different, but the code is the same. In this way, it easy to change the piece of code like described since years. But actual the effect is, after the code adaption, no feeds are more available but Bird Feeder runs and count the hits. This is not that what i want. So i removed the code, that i have the standard situation, without Bird Feeder.

Posted on Sep 25, '12 at 01:08 pm

Ok, new try.

After the big update of Textpattern, i give Bird Feeder a new chance. The following single steps had no success, but perhaps anybody in this mint-universe has a little bit pity with me.

  1. Bird Feeder Pepper is installed.

  2. Textpattern use the files rss.php and atom.php to generate the feeds. I started only with rss.php to reduced the mistake sources. In this case i add on top the lines:

global $Mint;
define(‘BIRDFEED’, ‘Default (RSS)’); include($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/feeder/index.php’);

  1. Only the step 2 had the first error and i changed the code from




with the first effect, that the standard procedure by Textpattern was running again.

  1. Then i changed only the code line inside the rss.php file:



tag($BirdFeeder->seed($Title, $permlink, true),’link’).n.

to replace the link code, like described inside the documentation by Shaun Inman and in consideration of the Textpattern hack by Ramanan.

The effect is now, that every RSS-Reader shows me an error to load the feed from my site. But Mint count the access. If i set the old original code back, everything is running again but without Mint.

I’m not the PHP expert. Perhaps somebody here for the Textpattern community.

Thank you


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