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Searches pane no longer excluding Google

Recently my Newest Unique has been flooded by results from the various Google sites worldwide, when they used to be excluded. How can I exclude these results again?

same issue here, i’ve asked about it before in another post.

Still getting this problem; if I don’t resolve it soon, I’ll have to stop using Mint - a key part of what I use it for is live tracking of incoming links, but at the moment the noise from all the different Googles is blocking out the signal of the stuff that’s actually useful.

I realised that I can manually exclude domains in the Default Pepper window, so I’ve added a list of all known Google domains in there. Would be better if the Search pane worked again, though.

The problem is that a while back Google decided to stop including the query in the referer for searches made over SSL, and Mint currently doesn’t consider a search with an empty query string to be a real search.

If you’re willing to hack on Mint a bit you can fix it yourself. In the default pepper’s class.php file look for the following line:

if (!empty($q[2])) // found a search term

Then add an else condition to this test:

if (!empty($q[2])) // found a search term
    // leave all this
    $search = '(not provided)';

That should start marking the encrypted Google searches as searches. If you want to fix the existing referers in your database you can run a query like this:

UPDATE mint_visit SET search_terms = "(not provided)" WHERE referer LIKE "http://google%&q=&%";

If the “(not provided)” showing up as a clickable search query bothers you as it did me you can go a bit further and find the code for building the pane HTML, skip these searches in the search pane, and show them as “From an encrypted search” where “From a search for” would normally appear.

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