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Downloads pepper not tracking

Posted on May 02, '12 at 08:01 pm

My problems started when this pepper created an infinite loop, even when “force” was passed as a query string parameter.

I ended up defining the following in my .htaccess file, which seems to work (for the request)

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !force
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [http://mint.mysite.com/pepper/tillkrues … rue&remote](http://mint.mysite.com/pepper/tillkruess/downloads/tracker.php?url=http://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}?force=true&remote)

The problem is that noting is ever tracked by the pepper. The only file type I am tracking is “zip” and I have both “Compare the size of the file on every record.” and “Allow remote file tracking (using the &remote querycommand).” checked.

Even manually hitting the URL http://mint.mysite.com/pepper/tillkrues … rue&remote does not add any tracking data. The redirect works, but that’s it.

Any suggestions?

Posted on May 04, '12 at 01:33 pm

Anyone run into this issue before? I know a lot of people with mint running as a sub-domain (mint.mysite.com), and the assets living elsewhere (www.mysite.com/asset.zip) have run into issues where even with force and remote setup a request loop is created.

But the issue with it not even tracking when tracker.php is hit with all the required values defined is a real problem.

Posted on May 08, '12 at 09:39 pm

Anyone? I really need to get tracking up for a downloadable, and this plugin not working is a major issue.

I’m not seeing a lot of activity on the forums… has everyone moved on to another analytics platform?

Posted on May 10, '12 at 02:36 pm

Really starting to worry that mint is dead. I like the product, but a big part of its value is the ability to use 3rd party plugins.

The developers forum has not had any posts in 4 weeks, last post before that was 8 weeks ago, then 11 weeks. So are there any active developers still?

That’s a major concern, as no developers means no updates or support. And the Downloads pepper clearly needs both.

Posted on May 17, '12 at 05:52 pm

It’s been a fun few minty fresh years, but it pains me to say that mint is far from fresh these days.

I wish that was not the case. But sadly the community is dead, there is no active support in the forums, pepper development has all but stopped aside from minor updates, and free alternatives like Google Analytics seem to be where everyone has gone.

I’ll continue running mint as a backup (it’s truly hard to let go), but I’m extremely sad to say (after using it for 7-8 years on multiple sites) that it will not be my primary analytics platform any more.

Posted on May 21, '12 at 04:04 am

Have you had a look at Till Krüss’ Downloads pepper documentation, as it is this plugin you’re having problems with, not Mint?

On a side note, nope, haven’t had this error. This is the rewrite rule I use in nginx for several instances of the Downloads pepper, and it works fine. You’d need to rewrite this for Apache, though:

# downloads tracker
location ~ ^/assets/(.*)
set $file $1;
if (!-f $document_root/assets/$file) {
return 404;
rewrite ^ /mint/pepper/tillkruess/downloads/tracker.php?url=http://WWW.YOURURL.TLD/assets/$file&force permanent;

Posted on May 21, '12 at 04:32 pm

First thing I did was review the documentation.

Then a couple hours of google searching.

The issue seems to be related to mint running at mint.yoursite.tld rather than yoursite.tld/mint

I saw others having the same issue with infinite loops when running mint from a subdomain, but no reports of it not tracking.

The author needs to address some edge-case issues with how the plugin functions when running from a subdomain and tracking a site from another subdomain. But I doubt that will happen, as it looks like most plugin authors have moved on to other analytics platforms.

My rewrite rule is working, but the pepper never tracks. Even if I directly hit tracker.php and pass all the proper info. mint.mysite.tld/pepper/tillkruess/downloads/tracker.php?url=http://www.mysite.tld/somefolder/somefile.zip?force=true&remote

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