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Mint Dropped 9AM-2PM data Friday August 24th

Hello all,

I’ve been running Mint on a small WP site since early August as a bit of a test. I really like it.

Unfortunately, yesterday at about 5:55PM, when I logged in, Mint had removed all activity from 9AM-2PM. this was activity that HAD been in Mint throughout the day.

It just disappeared.

Google Analytics shows the proper amount of visitors - the same number Mint deleted from this time span.

What in the world could have caused this - and - can I recover the data in Mint?

The only other issue I have noticed is that Mint occasionally rearranges the pepper panels during a login. Most times, next login, they are back where they should be. I only mention this in case there is a possibility of a connection.

I’ve email Sean but don;t expect to hear from him on a weekend, so thought I’d ask here for some help.

Thank you!!!


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