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Can't get Bird Feeder working with ExpressionEngine 2

Hello all, I previously had Bird Feeder integrated with my feeds on ExpressionEngine 1, but now just as I am wrapping up the development of my new site in EE2 I can’t get the feeds working.

When I try and view one of the feeds with Bird Feeder installed and integrated, I just get a blank page (well, a page with one blank line). I have the following at the top of my feeds’ templates (mutatis mutandis):


global $Mint, $DB;

define(‘BIRDFEED’, ‘Combined feed’);



echo ‘<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8”?>’;


The ‘Combined feed’ has appeared in my Bird Feeder preferences. If I comment out the lines beginning include and $DB, the rest of the feed loads (but obviously without Bird Feeder integration, and I also need to comment out the PHP in the elements).

Opening /feeder/ direct reports that Bird Feeder is installed, and evidently has the relevant connection to watcher.php.

I have the same results both in my dev environment (local MAMP installation) and on my production server (Linode, Ubuntu 10.04, Apache 2, PHP5).

Any ideas? I’m probably missing something really obvious, but couldn’t find much when searching. Thanks in advance.

Hi Richard—

I just ran into this problem with my EE2 installation, and here is how I resolved it:

  1. In your feed template, revert to the sample PHP code from Bird Feeder’s readme.txt (but with your feed name):


define('BIRDFEED', 'Feed Name');


// WordPress users uncomment the following line

// $wpdb->select(DB_NAME);


  1. Edit /feeder/index.php and add global $Mint; to the top:


global $Mint;

define('MINT', true);


if (!defined('BIRDFEED'))


echo (defined('MINT_EMBEDDED')) ? 'Mint Bird Feeder is active.' : 'Mint Bird Feeder cannot find the Bird Watcher.';


Finally, make sure your RSS feed template is set to Allow PHP = Yes in your EE template manager.

Hope this helps!

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