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year 2013 missing

I transferred my Mint 2 license. After installing Mint in its new /mint/ location and visiting /mint/?visits, I see, to my surpise, that the year column shows “2005”. I expected “2013” but that value is not even contained in the drop-down menu. There is currently only one row in each time frame, denoting my own visit to the site right after installation, yesterday.

These were my steps taken:

  1. Removed script tags
  2. Uninstalled Mint via preferences page. Strangely, after confirming the uninstall, the page to install Mint loaded. There is no hint whatsoever about what uninstalling does.
  3. Manually removed all mint_ tables in the database
  4. Deleted entire /mint/ folder from the server
  5. Created new database
  6. Updated /config/db.php in a brand new copy of Mint 2.19
  7. Uploaded that new copy of Mint 2.19. Did not add additional Pepper
  8. Installed Mint
  9. Added script tags
  10. Visited website
  11. Visited /mint/. Looks good.
  12. Visited/mint/?visit. Doesn’t look good.

What should I do, what went wrong?

The Overview tab of the Visits pane (which is part of the Default Pepper) correctly shows the most recent 12 months in the ‘Past Year’ section, i.e. “This Month”, “May ‘13”, “Apr ‘13” etc..

So, from this point of view, everything’s fine.

I looked at line 159 in
for ($i = 2005; $i <= 2012; $i++)

Hm… why would the Default Pepper’s data array (as per the /mint/?visits page) show wrong year timestamps and yet the app assigns my hits to the correct timeframes?

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