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Crushes: "Newest Unique" showing more than "Most Recent"

Posted on Jun 28, '13 at 09:27 am

Hi all,

I’ve recently noticed that the “Most Recent” pane of the Secret Crush pepper is showing many fewer entries than the “Newest Unique” pane. That is, the “Most Recent” is missing a lot of entries, but they are clearly somewhere in the database since the “Newest Unique” knows about them.

I think that this started at the same time as my recent attempt to fix the “” problem that arose when my host switched from 32 to 64 bits (detailed here).

Also, on an unrelated note: is it just me, or are there no links to this forum from the Account Center or anywhere else on haveamint.com?

Posted on Jul 05, '13 at 05:34 am

For what it’s worth, I think this was solved by running Shaun’s checksums.php code which is available elsewhere on this forum.

Unfortunately, because there appears to be no way to search the forum, I can’t actually give you a link.

Posted on Jul 19, '13 at 09:31 am

I just guessed that the URL would be /forum. I have not found a single link here from the website. I love Mint but Shaun should sell it to someone who has time to give it TLC.

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