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Is it Possible to Selectively Remove Old Data?

Greetings! I implemented Mint on my WordPress site in August but I had some issues with my host’s cache and CDN functions. In short, Mint was registering 4 or 5 visits for each “real” visit, inflating the statistics.

I got it sorted out by the time September started, so my September stats are all in order, but my August stats are greatly inflated. For the purposes of monitoring relative performance going forward, is it possible to simply delete the visit stats for August? I suppose that I could delete and reinstall Mint to start fresh, but I’d like to keep my valid September numbers if possible.


Update: I found and tried the ?visits query command which seems to be exactly what I’m looking for, except that it’s out of date and only allows timestamps up to 2012. Attempting to adjust any of the visit numbers results in a loss of all data due to mismatched timestamps (so make sure you back up before playing around with this!)

Is there anything else like this that is up to date and working?

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