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Any mysql/mysqli issues with Mint and PHP 5.5?

We’re about to migrate to a PHP 5.5-based platform here, and in looking briefly at the mint code I see that it uses mysql_ calls which are now deprecated in favor of mysqli_ calls (and other OO-type mysqli calls).

Anyone having issues with that (yet)? Or is it something I simply shouldn’t worry about? ;)

Posted on Dec 30, '14 at 03:17 pm

As far as I can tell it won’t work. I’m running Mint on a PHP 5.6 server. The “visits” panel still works, but the “pages” panel is giving some strange numbers…

I think this is what’s causing my issue. My host upgraded to PHP 5.5. Mint hasn’t been reporting much, if anything for me for quite a while.

After reading the above I’d assume that’s what’s causing it.

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