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Trouble Tracking Subdomains

I’ve read the Mint FAQ on setting up subdomains, but I can’t get Mint to track all of my subdomains. Can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong?

My blog and my portfolio both reside on josephholmes.io, with the blog at blog.josephholmes.io.

Last month, my blog was moved to a new host, a different host than the rest of the domain. I don’t know if that makes a difference, but after the move I can’t get Mint to track both the WordPress blog on the new host and the portfolio on the old host, though they’re still at the old domain.

My setup:

The Mint directory is in the WordPress directory on the new host, at blog.josephholmes.io, and in the preferences I set “Mint Location” to http://blog.josephholmes.io/mint and Mint tracks the blog very well.

For “Site Domain(s)” in the preferences, I set josephholmes.io

I have the Mint javascript code in the headers of files in both places, as always.

But Mint is only tracking the blog, not the files at josephholmes.io.

Any ideas?

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