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Mint on Squarespace

does anyone know if this would work with squarespace ?

Posted on Feb 27, '07 at 02:30 pm

you’d have to run a remote Mint server, but as long as squarespace allows you to insert custom headers for mint’s js string it should work.

Posted on Nov 18, '10 at 04:21 pm

This is an old thread, but I was wondering if in all this time anyone has any actual experience installing Mint on Squarespace that they could share about the process they undertook. I’m interested in trying to get it installed on my Squarespace account since Squarespace’s stats are pretty superficial, but am hoping someone who’s already done it would expedite the task by sharing.

Thanks to anyone that would take the effort.

Posted on Aug 15, '12 at 03:36 pm

I realize this is an ancient thread. However I’ve just moved one of my sites to Squarespace and I was able to inject the necessary script line for Mint’s JavaScript into each page.

However, I am not seeing visits recorded.

Has any successfully used Mint with a Squarespace site?

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