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2.03 broke my preferences

Posted on Feb 21, '07 at 11:34 am

I just updated to 2.03, and the other SI peppers updates.

I followed the instructions exactly, reset Safari, and okayed the install. All is well paneside, but the preferences are up the creek. The second column has no background, the third column is missing entirely (meaning I can’t adjust preferences for anything, backup, restore, etc.

I removed the Birdfeeder pepper from the directory as I wasn’t using it anyway, and then uninstalled when prompted. No change.

Before I do the same to the peppers I DO use, and mess the whole thing up, is there anything I should be doing to fix this?


Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 21, '07 at 12:25 pm

Please search first. You likely forgot to delete the older Pepper or have duplicate Pepper in one of your /pepper/<developer name>/ directories.

The cause and solution of this common problem is also mentioned in the included README.txt:

Be sure to delete the /peppername-old/ directories or your Pepper Preferences will break.

Posted on Feb 21, '07 at 12:29 pm

Oh right. Okay, must’ve missed a step, sorry!

R Mitchell
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 05, '07 at 04:05 pm

So does this mean that you will lose all of your Preferences permanently? If so, this seems to be pretty unforgiving. I just happened to do this after upgrading several times in the past. Now all of my preferences for every pepper are blank after removing the old folder I had forgotten to move. Ugh.

Is there a way to restore these preferences?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 05, '07 at 04:45 pm

No, it does not mean that the Preferences are gone. The duplicate files (and duplicate classes contained therein) cause a PHP level error that prevents them from rendering. All the data is still there. Just remove the duplicate files and your Preferences display should return to normal. If not, you still have duplicate files somewhere in your Pepper directory.

(This topic is describing a problem where the entire Pepper preferences side of the Preferences page disappears along with the “Done” buttons. Are we talking about the same thing or have your Preferences reset R Mitchell?)

R Mitchell
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 05, '07 at 05:05 pm

The preferences side had originally disappeared. When I removed the duplicate pepper, all of my preferences had reset and were blank. This is when I began to cry like a wee baby.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 05, '07 at 05:42 pm

When did this happen? During a Mint or Pepper update? Did you follow the folder renaming instructions in the README.txt (rather than just uploading the new folder over the old one)? This PHP parse error shouldn’t cause the Preferences to be reset, something else must have happened during the update.

There’s always that backup you made right before updating that you can restore from. You do make a backup before updating right? :)

R Mitchell
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 05, '07 at 06:37 pm

Now you can’t just have a great fix without making me admit to doing something stupid can you?

I was trying to change a setting in the Nametags Pepper class.php and had duplicated that Pepper before I started messing with it. (See, I thought I was doing the right thing.)

I was making small changes (like how many characters this pepper would display per line) and was reloading the Mint to test my changes. After about the third or fourth reload, I noticed that some info was missing from the Nametags Pepper. It was at this point that I went into Preferences and saw that the Preferences section wasn’t loading properly.

I then removed the old pepper folder. My preferences section came back and the missing stats reappeared, but all of the preferences from all of my peppers were gone.

Then I slit my wrists and bathed in my own blood. Good times.

This post doesn’t contribute anything further other than to say; I had exactly the same problem with my preferences pane but the advice here solved the issue.. I had neglected to delete the renamed ‘old’ versions of some peppers..

so thanks!

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