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Mint stops collecting stats since update

Posted on Jan 29, '07 at 09:44 am

I am using Mint 2 with ExpressionEngine.

I used javascript method to insert mint tracking:

Since the update, Mint just stopped collecting stats (I have been reloading the page for the past 30 minutes, during which I would expect some visitors).

What do i need to check?

PS: database username/password all setup correctly.

Maybe you didn’t have any visitors? Try opening another web browser and visiting your page.

Make sure the Javascript is placed properly, between the HEAD tags, but after the TITLE tag.

same here!

Posted on Jan 29, '07 at 12:15 pm

hi, flammable and thomas,

i am sure visitors are coming because i can see them in my apache log.

the javascript is properly placed. it was the same place as before as i am just doing an upgrade.

more suggestions are appreciated!

got it: i’ve used a DB user who was not granted alter/update tables. it seems to work now.

Posted on Jan 29, '07 at 12:43 pm

hi, thomas,

same user/password. no change from mint 1 setup in this regard.

as an experiment, i reverted back to mint 1 (same database setup with same user/password), and all are tracking normally again, so somewhere along the upgrade things stopped to work.

more suggestions, please?

i am experiencing the same issue as JCFP. never had any problems with v1, i have the correct js in the head of my pages, proper db user and permissions, i can see all my original existing stats in mint v2, but no new items since updating.

I’m having the same problem.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Jan 29, '07 at 06:23 pm

JCFP, I can’t diagnose your specific problem if you have reverted to an earlier version of Mint. But perhaps these follow-ups for the others will point you in the right direction.

Lackadaisical, your mint_visit table is missing the window_width column. This is probably the result of installing the Real Estate Pepper and then uninstalling the Window Width Pepper. One replaces the other so you should uninstall the one being replaced before install the other. Uninstalling Real Estate and then reinstalling should fix you up.

Joshua, I’m pretty sure you’re having the same problem. Same solution should work.

I found it curious that the data for that seemed to be missing also. Sounds good.

looks like im back in business - thanks for the help and a great app.

Posted on Jan 29, '07 at 09:08 pm

thanks, shaun.

your solution worked. it was indeed because of a previous uninstall of the Window Width pepper.

the stats are now registering.

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