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Good definitions of visits/uniques/hits

I’ve been on a quest to really learn what the difference between “uniques” and “visits” and “hits” and unnamed columns really mean.

  1. What are “visits”? Are they synonymous with what is called a pageview anywhere else (a request to the mint js).

  2. What are “uniques” ? The best explination, I got was from some (really, really difficult) searching and getting Shaun’s explination:

This is how it works (as of Mint 1.1) The Visits pane is broken down into Past Day (by hours), Past Week (by days), Past Month (by weeks), Past Year (by months) and Since .

A Unique Visitor comes along at 1:00pm today (Wednesday). Past Day “1:00pm” Uniques increase by 1. Past Week “Today” Uniques increase by 1, etc. Since Uniques increase by 1.

The same visitor comes back later on the same day at 2:23pm. Past Day “2:00pm” Uniques increase by 1. Past Week “Today” Uniques do not increase because this visitor has already been counted today, etc. Since Uniques do not increase.

The same visitor returns at 10:00am on Thursday. Past Day “10:00am” Uniques increase by 1. Past Week “Today” (being Thursday now) Uniques increase by 1. Past Month “This Week” does not increase because this visitor has already been counted this week, etc. Since Uniques do not increase.

I believe this is the accepted definition of unique. Hopefully this clears things up for you guys.”

The issue here is that this does not correlate to totals displayed in my mint pane. For example, if I add up the “uniques” for every month in this year, it is the same number as the “uniques” for this year. From Shaun’s explination, if someone visited in January & February, Jan+1 Feb+1 and Year+1 (not Year+2, which is the result). Likewise, adding up Today & Sunday (today is Monday), gives me the exact # displayed under “This week” This logic implies that I have no returning visitors, ever.

I’d really be interested to know what the criteria used for a unique are (sessions, 24-hour timeout, cookies, ip, etc).

  1. Over what time period are the search referrers collected? I have “816” from a keyword. Is that 816 today, over a week, a month?

Thanks for any insight… much appreciated(and yes, i tried searching (old forums, new forums, new site, old site) before asking these. I really can’t find any answers, and now that all the Google links break, it makes things extremely difficult.)

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