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How to retain data forever

Posted on Aug 31, '07 at 08:41 am

I like Mint, i bought it because Aaron Wall recommended it, but i read in another thread that it doesn’t keep data for more than 5 weeks!?! wtf

Okay… i get it now “Mint”…”Fresh”… it’s a “fresh” snap shot of your sites traffic.

So why cant you build a “stale” pepper then and make mint keep all the precious data it has already collected?

It makes no sense to me that Mint is not able to store data forever and then have the feature to call it back up by the dates specified.

cry :-(

or can i configure Mint so that it retains all the data it ever collects

Sam Brown
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Aug 31, '07 at 09:07 am

or can i configure Mint so that it retains all the data it ever collects

The size of your database would be incredible on a site receiving a decent amount of hits, also the time it would take Mint to load would be severely compromised. Not to mention a whole lot of other issues that could arrise from change the “5 week” setting.

The important totals are kept if this is something you are worried about?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Aug 31, '07 at 11:03 am

If you want to retain data, I suggest using a different tool. You don’t take a car sailing on the lake, you hop in a boat unless you enjoy swimming. Mint just isn’t designed (both from an information presentation and performance point of view) to handle more than relevant, recent data.

Posted on Sep 02, '07 at 02:07 pm

Maybe IDN (and some others, including myself when I first started using Mint) don’t clearly understand how Mint works, especially when the only “five weeks” figure is emphasized.

As Sam points out, the data most people want to keep, like total uniques/visits, is indeed kept. At least for a year — I’ve been using Mint since Feb 2007 and all the data for those figures are still there.

But why would you need to keep any other data? As Shaun suggests, if you absolutely need it, then you’re probably a bigger site and should invest in a serious stats package.

I use Google Analytics, which is free, in addition to Mint. Google seems to keep data forever. But Mint allows me to gauge GA’s accuracy and vice-versa. After tweaking the placement of their respective scripts, the current data numbers are remarkably similar. But I’m willing to pay the nominal fee for MInt because of the ease of use and pleasing eye candy. It’s also saved my butt numerous times — if I notice referrers dropping off or the hourly visits number dropping down beyond the norm, it almost always indicates a problem on my server, usually before Watchmouse or one of the other services sends me a warning email.

Posted on Oct 15, '07 at 06:34 pm

Where does Mint store this monthly and yearly information? I see only one table in my database (XX_visit) that seems to hold hit info.

Is this table purged at the end of the week/month?

One thing I would like to see is a daily unique hit total for each day in the past, with no limit. I realize this is a “snap-shot” program, but keeping some long-term aggregate information would be nice.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Oct 16, '07 at 01:42 pm

That data is stored in a PHP serialized array in the data column of the mint__config table.

If data is kept for five weeks, is there anything in particular that prohibits having a button with an AJAX call at the bottom of each pane that allows one to view more than their 48/whatever rows (perhaps add another X each time it’s pressed, based on the row limit set in the preferences), up until they hit the barrier of what’s actually stored?

There are times when this would be useful, and when you’ve got services like W3Counter that provides much of the same data as Mint but also keep the data indefinitely, only getting 48 rows’ worth of data seems pretty paltry — especially when I know it’s sitting there in the database anyway.

Of course I can force Mint to display it by asking it to show 80 rows in each pane, but I don’t always want to view the extra rows in every single pane. Just sometimes it’d be nice to a little further back with searches, referrers, etc.

Something to consider!

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