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Mint Peppermill

Official Pepper

Version 2.02

Backup/Restore Pepper

As a paneless Pepper, Backup/Restore does not record or display any data in Mint. It is a utility to backup and restore your Mint database tables. Included with Mint.

Version 2.06

Bird Feeder Pepper

Your RSS and Atom feeds attract all kinds of colorful wildlife, Bird Feeder is a window onto that activity. It highlights subscription trends across multiple Feeds and clicks on individual Seeds…

Version 0.04

Debugger Pepper

A paneless Pepper used temporarily to debug your Mint installation. Please make a backup of your Mint database before installing/uninstalling this Pepper.

Version 2.1

Default Pepper

The Default Pepper covers the basics. It is responsible for tracking the number of page views and unique visitors, where they are coming from and what they are looking at, as well as which search…

Version 1.01

Directories Pepper

The Directories Pepper breaks your page views down by their top-level parent directory. Advanced preferences allow you to specify the matching regular expression (to target sub-directories) and…

Version 0.03

Doorbell Pepper

Ding-dong. You have company! This paneless Pepper will chirp and/or flash every time someone accesses a page on your site. Unique users flash green while repeat users flash white with a lower chirp…

Version 1.22

iPhone Pepper

The paneless iPhone Pepper enables single-column mode in Mint when browsing from an iPhone (and iPod touch)óleaving the default multi-column experience for the desktop. Now with custom WebClip…

Version 1.0

Lessn Pepper

Tracks the most recent and most popular urls and referrers in your Lessn installation and displays them in Mint. Requires Lessn, my free self-hosted url shortener.

Version 2.03

Local Searches Pepper

You already know how people are finding you, now know what they are still looking for once they do.

Version 0.02

Outbound Pepper

The Outbound Pepper tracks clicks on links to external sites.

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