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Mint Peppermill

Official Pepper

Version 2.01

Real Estate Pepper

The Real Estate Pepper picks up where User Agent 007 leaves off by tracking the width and height of the browser window on each page load helping you to make more informed design decisions than with…

Version 2.0

Refresh Pepper

As if Mint weren’t fresh enough already, with the paneless Refresh Pepper all of your active tabs are refreshed automatically. Please refresh responsibly and remember to tip your (database)…

Version 2.13

Secret Crush Pepper

Take a peek inside the cookie jar and divine the names of secret crushes tirelessly nibbling away at your bandwidth. You have a blog or an account center on your site. People leave comments or login…

Version 2.11

User Agent 007 Pepper

Mint. Peppermint. User Agent 007 goes undercover to uncover who’s using which browser on which platform at what resolution with which plug-ins installed. Integrates with the Bird Feeder Pepper…

Version 1.0

Visits Diff Pepper

The Visits Diff Pepper compares total page views and unique visitors from the current timeframe to the previous one. The Past Day tab compares hours from today to the same hours yesterday, the Past…

Version 1.0

Window Width Pepper

This Pepper has been retired for Mint 2 and replaced with the Real Estate Pepper. Be sure to uninstall Window Width before installing Real Estate.

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