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Mint Peppermill

Secret Crush Pepper

By Shaun Inman

Take a peek inside the cookie jar and divine the names of secret crushes tirelessly nibbling away at your bandwidth. You have a blog or an account center on your site. People leave comments or login. You probably set a cookie to remember them. Secret Crush uses that information to identify your visitors. Alternately, it can display plain old IP addresses or hostnames.

The Crushes pane displays Newest Unique, Most Recent, and Repeat Crushes. It also allows you to search by IP or Crush name. The Most Recent and Search Tabs contain an expandable list of pages viewed and time spent on each during each session.

Includes support for Wordpress, Movable Type, Textpattern and other common identifiers plus the ability to add your own site-specific cookie names.

Additional Info

Release Notes

Latest version
Version 2.13
  • Fixed a bug in the Newest Unique Crushes feed that was causing encoded entities to be double-encoded.
Version 2.12
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in Pepper being unregistered from the Secret Crush mini-API.
Version 2.11
  • Updated the generateSearchIcon() method with the optional $slide argument
Version 2.1

Please be sure to update to Mint 2.14 (or higher) before updating Secret Crush.

  • Added the SecretCrush mini-API which is required for the latest versions of the Outbound and Till Kruess’ various Pepper (Pepper developers, see the Outbound Pepper as an example implementation of the new mini-API)
Version 2.09
  • Added the ability to search by ip range, eg. 192.168.1.* or
Version 2.08
  • Fixed “Location: Array” bug when used with Locations Pepper 2.23
Version 2.07

Requires Mint 2.05 or higher

  • Added Locations Pepper integration, if available Location appears in the list of Additional Information
  • Added Search tab and the Search icon column to existing tabs
  • Fixed a MySQL error that only appears before any IP data is recorded by the newly installed Pepper
Version 2.06

Requires Mint 2.03 or higher

  • Fixed a Preference saving bug that affected those without User Agent 007 installed
Version 2.05

Requires Mint 2.03

  • Updated the Newest Unique Crushes feed to include additional information (like that found on an expanded Most Recent Crush)
  • Added additional information to expanded Most Recent Crushes
  • Added hostname caching in a way that avoids the potential corruption/data loss problem that plagues XXX Strong Mint
  • Recognizes and ignores uncookieable visitors (sessions cannot be tracked without cookies)
  • Reverse trims the hostname if initial cruft still exceeds the 24 character limit
  • “Identify visitor by Name/IP Address” is the new, sensible default
  • Added cascading identifying options, eg. “Name/Hostname/IP Address” (uses Name if available, if not, Hostname, if not IP Address, etc)
  • Cleans even more cruft from the beginning of hostnames (eg. pool-192-168-1-101.ispname.com is shortened to ispname.com)
Version 2.04
  • Improved compatibility with Wordpress cookies
  • Updated README.txt with a note for Wordpress users
Version 2.03
  • Added “Identify visitor by” Preference with the following options: IP Address, Name, Browser (requires the User Agent 007 Pepper), and Hostname
  • Now indicates when a session started with a referral from a search engine (and whether or not it was an image search)
  • Fixed some punctuation in the Preferences
  • Reduced abbreviated length of referrers/resources to 32 characters (down from 44)
Version 2.02
  • Reduced abbreviated length of visitor name to 24 characters (down from the default 44)
  • Corrected space normalization in visitor names before record
Version 2.01
  • Added preference to not track visitor names
  • Added preferece to use site-specific custom cookies when identifying visitors
  • updated query to ignore rows an IP hasn’t been recorded for (should eliminate issues)
  • “Only show name visitors” preference now defaults to enabled (recommended setting)
  • Fixed some grammar in the Preferences
  • Now truncates longer host addresses
Version 2.0
  • Secret Crush now owns a column in the database used by Session Tracker, XXX Strong Mint and possibly the Nametags Pepper. If you wish to use these Pepper you must have Secret Crush installed until further notice (the Crushes pane can be disabled however).

Hey there, I have officially suspended sales and support of Mint. The Create Account, Add License, Transfer License, and Contact forms have been disabled. Existing customers may continue to login and download Mint.

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