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Mint Peppermill

Locations Pepper

By Till

This Pepper tracks the geographical locations, based on IP addresses.

Additional Info

Release Notes

Latest version
Version 2.51
  • Updated database
Version 2.5
  • Updated database
Version 2.49
  • Updated database
Version 2.48
  • Updated database
Version 2.47
  • Corrected country table
Version 2.46
  • Updated database
Version 2.45
  • Added mod_geoip support
  • Updated database
Version 2.44
  • Updated database
Version 2.43
  • Moved database check from onPepperLoad() to onDisplay() to improve load time
Version 2.42
  • Updated database
Version 2.41
  • [Change] Updated database
Version 2.4
  • [Change] Updated database
Version 2.39
  • Updated database
Version 2.38
  • Fixed Most Recent query if Secret Crush is not installed
Version 2.37
  • Updated database
  • Removed ip_long from query if Secret Crush is not installed
Version 2.36
  • Added Secret Crush integration to the Most Recent tab
  • Re-registers to Secret Crush mini-API if necessary
Version 2.35
  • Updated database
Version 2.34
  • Updated database
Version 2.33
  • Updated database
Version 2.32
  • Updated database
Version 2.3

Please be sure to update Mint and Secret Crush (if installed) to their latest versions before installing/updating the Outbound Pepper.

  • Added onSecretCrushMeta()
  • Added database check to isCompatible()
  • Reseted unknown countries
Version 2.29
  • Updated database (added Bouvet Island, Isle of Man and Turks and Caicos Islands)
Version 2.28

This release is only interesting for those who had problem with v2.27

  • Improved the database check
Version 2.27
  • Added new license
  • OnRecord() now uses Mintís new shouldIgnore() function
Version 2.26

I highly recommend updating to this version, because it significantly reduces the number of “Unknown” visitors.

  • Stopped the skipping of records in the calculation of $nextrecord
Version 2.25
  • Database updated with 2 new countries and 2414 new records
  • Unknown countries will fade in the Most Common tab as well
Version 2.24
  • Record only defined countries
Version 2.23
  • Integrated the preferences into the class file
  • Changes internal structure for Secret Crush compatibility
  • Removed PHP version requirement
Version 2.22
  • Added PHP version warning to onDisplay()
  • Fixed PHP version check in isCompatible()
  • Unknown countries are now displayed
Version 2.21
  • Added PHP version check, because file_get_contents() was added in 4.3.0
  • Added Mint version check, because Mint->acceptsCookies changed in 2.04
  • Added ip-to-country database check
  • Added getInstalledVersion() to update function
  • Removed AND country_code != '--' from Most Recent query
Version 2.12
  • Some code optimization
  • Changed the file structure
  • Updated database
  • Updated get_realip() to use preg_match() and ignore more local IPs.
Version 2.11
  • Removed source comments
  • Added update script link in preferences
  • Fixed endless expanding URI in update script
  • Improved template function
Version 2.1
  • Added unique hits
  • Added threshold and “sort by” setting
  • Removed “done image” from update script
  • Replaced SCRIPT_URI by SERVER_NAME + REQUEST_URI in update script
  • Update script handles new and old storage format
  • % of Total is now dependent on “sort by” setting
Version 2.02
  • Added README.txt
  • Added experimental update script
  • Removed ?> Tags

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