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Mint Peppermill

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By Till

The new crispy Pepparmint in town to track file requests.

Additional Info

Release Notes

Latest version
Version 2.25
  • Showing domain name, if not in listed in Site Domain(s)
  • Prevented warning if PHP is running in safe mode
Version 2.23
  • Show correct link to file in onSecretCrushActivity()
  • More directories can be specified to make the &force parameter more flexible
Version 2.22
  • Only showing secondary info if enabled
  • Replaced readfile() by fpassthru()
  • Corrected link to file on the Most Recent tab
Version 2.21
  • Added support for checksums on 64-bit architectures
  • Cleaned up modules folder
Version 2.2

Backup your tables before uploading this release.

  • Added new pane with download trends
  • Added Secret Crush integration to the Most Recent tab
  • Refactored tracking engine to support individual modules
  • Added phpBB3 module
  • ?uri= has been renamed to ?url=
  • Improved HTTP referer processing and display
  • Removed “average downloads” bars
  • The Downloads pane filter is now a drop-down menu
  • Re-registers to Secret Crush mini-API if necessary
Version 2.12
  • $this->data is now stored in mint__data
  • Removed filter if only one file is tracked
  • Corrected table prefix in update()
  • &debug no longer ignores $Mint->paranoid
  • Prevented undefined offset notice in track_request()
  • Prevented undefined index notice with manipulated referer in build_subreferrers()
Version 2.11
  • [Fix] Corrected display issue on Past Week and Past Month Tabs
  • [Change] Updated README.txt
Version 2.1

Please be sure to update Mint and Secret Crush (if installed) to their latest versions before installing/updating the Outbound Pepper.

  • Added onSecretCrushActivity()
  • Altered internal structure to track total download counts
  • Replaced /mint/ by Mint->cfg['installDir'] in TK_delete_file()
  • Refactored track_request() to get called manually
  • Added debugging to track_request()
Version 2.09
  • Replaced $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] by __FILE__
Version 2.08
  • Links won’t be redirected multiple times under unfortunate conditions
  • The data array is now indexed by file id
Version 2.07
  • track_request() now uses Mint’s new shouldIgnore() function
  • Added new license
  • Requests using the &remote paramenter can now contain a port number
  • Using now $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] instead of __FILE__
Version 2.06
  • Prevented the display of error notices in graphs
  • Merged templates with class file
  • Removed domains from the file listing in the preferences
  • Replaced checksum by id for (un)watch and delete functions
  • Renewed preferences spelling and display
Version 2.05
  • Added filters to the Referrers tab
  • The full path is now shown when hovering file names
  • Removed the file limit in the Pepper’s preferences
  • Refactored the MySQL part in track_request() to get the file size check working
Version 2.04
  • Added new tab: Referrers
  • The tracking function could compare the file size (disabled by default)
  • Some minor code changes (e.g. the preferences)
  • Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in onCustom()
Version 2.03
  • Adjusted the CSS classes to display the colors correctly
  • “Remote File Tracking” won’t be disabled accidentally once and for all
  • (Un)Watching files works now accurate on the Most Recent tab
  • The watched array will be renewed on file deletion
Version 2.02
  • “Remote File Tracking” won’t be disabled accidentally anymore
Version 2.01
  • Automatic redirect script pointed to the new tracker file
  • The Pepper’s preferences will be processed correctly
  • Manually redirected links won’t be redirected
Version 2.0
  • Delete and (un)watch javascript code should work proper now
  • Added new pane (detailed file statistics)
  • Removed support for Downloads 1.02 and lower
  • Renamed download.php to tracker.php
Version 1.03
  • Fixed a bug in the download tracker
Version 1.02

Backup your database before installing this release.

  • Rewrote data storage method
  • Encoded URIs should now be tracked
  • Fixed possible security vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced MIME type detection
  • Added Watched tab
Version 1.01
  • Content-Type should been sent when using &force
  • Filename and filepath will be truncated to 32 charaters
  • Filepath will be displayed without filename
  • Recent array is truncated after tracking a download
Version 1.0

First stable version

Hey there, I have officially suspended sales and support of Mint. The Create Account, Add License, Transfer License, and Contact forms have been disabled. Existing customers may continue to login and download Mint.

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