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Mint Peppermill

Default Pepper

By Shaun Inman

The Default Pepper covers the basics. It is responsible for tracking the number of page views and unique visitors, where they are coming from and what they are looking at, as well as which search terms led them to your site. Included with Mint.

Release Notes

Latest version
Version 2.1
  • fixes for recent changes to Google and Bing image search urls
Version 2.09
  • Added support for the newish Bing search engine
Version 2.08
  • Added Secret Crush integration to the Most Recent tabs of the Referrers, Pages and Searches panes (the new search icon when clicked automatically scrolls from the current pane to the Crushes pane and initiate a search for the session of that particular referrer, page or search term)
Version 2.07
  • Added a “Found” tab to the Searches pane which lists pages (ordered by hits), each with an accordian view listing all keywords that found the page
  • Removed “From a” in “From a search for” in the Referrer pane (redundant, the column name is “From”)
  • The “Recent” Pages now indicates when referred by a Bird Feeder-tracked seed
Version 2.06
  • Added Entry tab to Pages pane (an Entry page is any page with an external referrer or no referrer at all)
  • Updated engines.php to add Google advanced search recognition
Version 2.05

If the previous Watch/Unwatch favelets did not work with your subdomain hosted Mint be sure to to grab the updated favelets in your Mint installationís Preferences.

  • Removed www. matching from Watch/Unwatch favelets (a hold-over from the old XSS workaround) that would prevent the favelets from working when Mint is installed on a subdomain
  • Added www. prefix to Search.com in engines.php to prevent interferring with other search engine matches (also moved trimPrefixIndex() method call to after the search matching to accomodate this change)
  • Removed referrer info from Most Popular Pages tab because it was potentially misleading (the referrer is random due to a limitation of MySQL and does not reflect the most popular referrer to the page)
  • Most Recent Pages with referrals from search engines now display the search terms as the link text instead of the referring url
Version 2.04

If the previous Watch/Unwatch favelets did not work with your subdomain hosted Mint be sure to to grab the updated favelets in your Mint installation’s Preferences.

  • Rewrote the Watched Pages JavaScript to get around subdomain XSS security limitations (this had the unintended but welcome side effect of adding IE support for the Watch/Unwatch favelets)
Version 2.03
  • Updated trimPrefixIndex() to work with https
Version 2.02
  • Fixed bug in the unique monthly visitor cookie expiration date that could cause monthly uniques to skyrocket in the last three days of March if you reside east of GMT
  • Fixed bug where Watched page hit count differed from Most Popular page hit count for the same page (the result of applying the Ignored Referrers preference to the wrong database query)
  • Updated replacement in trimPrefixIndex() to prevent the valid domain www.hr (and similar) from being reduced to the invalid hr
  • Added tooltip definitions to Visits pane Overview tab table heads, eg. Total => Total Page Views, Unique => Total Unique Visitors
Version 2.01

Requires (and included with) Mint 2.03

  • Fixed a Firefox Watched Pages bug
  • No longer counts uncookieable visitors as uniques
  • Simplified search term regex
  • Improved search referrer recognition
Version 2.0

No notes were provided with this release.

Version 1.27
  • Compatible with Mint 1.2+

Hey there, I have officially suspended sales and support of Mint. The Create Account, Add License, Transfer License, and Contact forms have been disabled. Existing customers may continue to login and download Mint.

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