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Mint Peppermill

Feedback Pepper

By uFx

Feedback for Mint 1.2/2.0 is a Pepper which tracks your (RSS/Atom) feeds. By using a seperate ‘tracker’ you can see how many hits, subscribers and views your feed has. The tracker will not redirect your feed and you can also select that the tracker does not change your feed in any way (however, in that situation you can’t track clicks).

Mod_rewrite is needed on your host for Feedback.

Additional Info

Release Notes

Version 0.1

~ 0.1 - 20070131 - Mint 2.0 compatible; - Added the option to use hostip.info to add a country and a city to an IP address (if available). This slows down the subscribers tab a bit and if you don’t like it you can disable it in the preferences; - If the tracker.php file cannot find your mint installations, you can define it yourself in tracker.php; - The monthly and daily stats are split up in two different tabs; - If the reader shows the number of subscribers (eg: ‘subscribers: 5’) Feedback will add this number to the total number of subscribers; - New tab: Sparks. Shows tiny graphs of the last 14 days and past 12 months. In the preferences you can set the type of sparks you would like to see; - Longer day and month names; - Changed the rewrite code so multiple feeds are possible. If you know a better way to rewrite this, let me know :) - Again a few new aggregator icons; - Some small bugfixes.

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