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Mint Peppermill

Doorbell Pepper

By Shaun Inman

Ding-dong. You have company! This paneless Pepper will chirp and/or flash every time someone accesses a page on your site. Unique users flash green while repeat users flash white with a lower chirp. Requires Flash plugin (version 7 or later). Uses SWFObject by Geoff Stearns.

Release Notes

Version 0.03

This Pepper uses Ajax polling (against a flat text file so there is no database overhead) to check for new hits every 2 seconds. To prevent drilling a hole in your server, this Pepper is automatically disabled when “Allow anyone to view Mint” is enabled.

  • This Pepper does not work in IE 6
  • Initial release

Hey there, I have officially suspended sales and support of Mint. The Create Account, Add License, Transfer License, and Contact forms have been disabled. Existing customers may continue to login and download Mint.

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