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Mint Peppermill

Feedburner Pepper

By Ronald Heft

Feedburner will display Feedburner feed statistics within Mint.


  • Displays the past year of Feedburner statistics.
  • Supports multiple Feedburner feeds.
  • Supports item tracking.
  • Optional caching with configurable expire time.

Feedburner is powered by the PHP Addicted To Feedburner API Class.

Additional Info

Release Notes

Latest version
Version 2.03
  • Adds support for Google’s new Feedburner API. If you have created a Feedburner account since Google’s acquisition of Feedburner and are receiving feed not found errors, flip the new checkbox in the preferences.
Version 2.02
  • Due to Feedburner’s painfully slow update time on item data, the Feedburner Pepper now will display the previous day’s stats if yesterday’s stats are not yet available. This should hopefully alleviate the no item data error message which currently displays for most of the day.
Version 2.01
  • Corrects encoding issue when the stagger pane loading option is disabled.
Version 2.0
  • Thanks to Google’s purchase of Feedburner, item tracking is now free for all. Therefore, I added a new pane called Feedburner Items to accommodate this new free statistic.
Version 1.1
  • Vasty improved caching. Now uses the same cache file for all display tabs.
  • Now displays the correct error message for unconfigured feed URLs.
Version 1.03
  • Fixes date display issue for users in -7 GMT or less time zones.
Version 1.02
  • Fixes potential time zone related issues.
Version 1.01
  • Fixes display issues when using the “Fix pane height and use scrollbars” setting.
  • Fixes blank pane on certain error messages.
Version 1.0
  • Initial Release

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