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Mint Peppermill

iPhone Pepper

By Shaun Inman

The paneless iPhone Pepper enables single-column mode in Mint when browsing from an iPhone (and iPod touch)—leaving the default multi-column experience for the desktop. Now with custom WebClip bookmark icons! Original and many subsequent tweaks contributed by Richard Herrera.

Release Notes

Latest version
Version 1.22
  • Expanded recognized devices to include WebKit-based Android browsers (submitted by John Gruber)
Version 1.21
  • CSS fixes for panes menu and Preferences view
Version 1.2
  • Tapping on an expanded pane’s title now collapses the pane
Version 1.19
  • Improved “Fix pane height and use scrollbars” support for tabs that contain filters, search forms or graphs

Note: if you are updating from iPhone Pepper 1.17 only class.php needs to be replaced. Don’t overwrite your /iphone/webclips directory if you’ve added a custom icon!

Version 1.18
  • Now automatically disables “Fix pane height and use scrollbars” on the iPhone/iPod touch when enabled.
Version 1.17
  • added preference to only load panes on demand
Version 1.16
  • Added a preference to open links in a new tab (and set as default)

Note: if you are updating from iPhone Pepper 1.15 only class.php and script.js need to up replaced. Don’t overwrite your /iphone/webclips directory if you’ve added a custom icon!

Version 1.15
  • Fixed the missing WebClip bookmark icon problem identified in this thread
Version 1.14
  • Added support for custom WebClip bookmark icons.
Version 1.13
  • Added support for the new Visits Diffs Pepper (clicking an individual bar in a comparison graph will alert the value usually displayed in a tooltip when mousing over)
Version 1.12
  • Improved display on iPhone/iPod touch when single-column mode is enabled (no more horizontal finger-scrolling)
Version 1.11
  • Added detection for MobileSafari on iPod touch
Version 1.1
  • Preferences are now condensed into a tabbed, single column view
  • Restored the missing space in multi-word tab names in landscape mode
Version 1.0
  • Collapses long pane and tab titles when in portraid mode eliminating all overlapping
  • Two column tables (like the Visits and Feeds Overview tabs) collapse into a single column in portrait mode.
Version 0.04
  • Tidied up Login and Preferences screens
  • Partially restored pane navigation (tap the iPhone signal/time/power bar to return to the top of the page)
  • Automatically hides “Update(s) Available” button (since you can’t download or FTP on an iPhone)
  • The individual bars of Pepper graphs can be clicked for exact numbers (this information is usually presented in a tool tip on mouse-over)
Version 0.03
  • Normalized space between panes, header and footer
  • Sniffs out iPhone and soft-enables single-column mode for improved pane sizing when changing screen orientation
  • Hid Pane menu which didn’t work anyways because of lack of support for the onchange event and position: fixed;
Version 0.02

No notes were provided with this release.

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