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Mint Peppermill

User Agent 007 Pepper

By Shaun Inman

Mint. Peppermint. User Agent 007 goes undercover to uncover who’s using which browser on which platform at what resolution with which plug-ins installed. Integrates with the Bird Feeder Pepper in Mint 2.

Release Notes

Latest version
Version 2.11
  • updated to recognize OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • updated to recognize Windows 8
Version 2.1
  • updated to recognize OS X 10.7 Lion
Version 2.09
  • improved browser version detection
Version 2.08
  • updated iPhone OS detection to differentiate iPad
  • added 7 to recognized versions of Windows
Version 2.07
  • added Windows 7 detection
Version 2.06
  • Added Snow Leopard detection
  • Added Blazer Palm browser detection
Version 2.05
Version 2.04
  • Added Platform builds for common Windows and OS X versions
  • Added MobileSafari browser detection
Version 2.03
  • Added Wii, DS and PSP platform detection (browser detection remains the same)
  • Updated Flash version detection to avoid having two values in the database that are equivalent to “None”
Version 2.02
  • Fixed bug where OmniWeb was reporting itself first as Safari, then as OmniWeb, ditto for Flock/Firefox
Version 2.01
  • Added timespan filters to all tabs (except the optional Readers tab, which is moderated by the Bird Feeder Pepper and as a result limited to the 24 hours of the current day)
Version 2.0

No notes were provided with this release.

Version 1.22
  • Compatible with Mint 1.2+

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