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Mint Peppermill

Locations+ Pepper

By Till

It’s not as fast as Locations, but it tracks regions and cities as well.

Additional Info

Release Notes

Latest version
Version 1.14
  • Updated GeoIP PHP API
Version 1.13
  • Updated GeoIP PHP API
  • Removed unknown/reserved strings from results
  • To prevent line breaks the location names on the Most Recent Tab are now shorter
Version 1.12
  • Updated Update FIPS codes
  • Added location information from infosniper.net
Version 1.11
  • Prevent data loss on fresh installations due to system architecture check
Version 1.1
  • Upon click the location on Secret Crush now fetches the userís location from alternative sources
  • Updated GeoIP PHP API from 1.7 to 1.8
  • Fixed and optimized the display of regions/cities
Version 1.09
  • Corrected update behavior on 64-bit architectures
Version 1.08
  • When column on Most Recent tab works now if Secret Crush isn’t installed
Version 1.07
  • Added database check in onDisplay()
Version 1.06
  • Changed row fading for regions/cities
  • Hiding city if city name equals regions name
  • Now tracking unknown countries/regions/cities
Version 1.05
  • Removed ip_long from query if Secret Crush is not installed
Version 1.04

Be sure to grab the lasted binary database from my site.

  • Added Secret Crush integration to the Most Recent tab
  • Re-registers to Secret Crush mini-API if necessary
Version 1.03

Be sure to grab the lasted binary database from my site.

  • Added support for checksums on 64-bit architectures
  • Mint keeps tracking if database.dat could not be read
Version 1.02

Be sure to grab the lasted binary database from my site.

  • Added import function
Version 1.01
  • [Fix] Added utf8_encode() to onSecretCrushMeta() and build_mostrecent()
  • [Fix] Corrected region_name value in $manifest
  • [Fix] Corrected preferences display issues
  • [Fix] Fixed database check in isCompatible()
Version 1.0
  • Initial stable release

Hey there, I have officially suspended sales and support of Mint. The Create Account, Add License, Transfer License, and Contact forms have been disabled. Existing customers may continue to login and download Mint.

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