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Mint Peppermill

Third-party Pepper

Version 1.02

AdsenseAgg Pepper

AdsenseAgg is a pepper that logins into your Adsense account at a user definable period and downloads a report of last 20 days of activity. Results are cached to reduce traffic and impact on Google…

Version 0.03

AttentionSpan Pepper

AttentionSpan is a pepper that lets you track the effectiveness of your website and content by displaying Bounce Rates and Pages Per Visit for specific time periods.

Version 1.01

Behavior Pepper

The Behavior Pepper tracks ajax/javascript events (like popups or ajax requests) that occur between full pageloads.

Version 2.11

Big Total Pepper

Big Total will give you a nice big number with either your sites total visits or its total unique visits. Best used with the refresh pepper.

Version 2.12

Blog Comments Pepper

Blog Comments displays the recent comments on your blog within Mint’s beautiful interface. Blog Comments was inspired by the Who’s Talking Pepper and is powered by the open-source…

Version 0.21

Campaign Monitor Subscribers Pepper

The CM Subscribers Pepper displays your Campaign Monitor email subscribers over the past 24 hours based on your Campaign Monitor API Key and a List ID.

Version 1.0

Countertop Pepper

Grab the number of rows in your database table, right from Mint.

Version 1.31

Download Counter Pepper

Does pretty much what it says. Counts downloads. Does so with some JavaScript trickery, allowing you to choose file extensions to track (like .zip, .mp3, etc.) so your downloads can be anywhere in…

Version 2.25

Downloads Pepper

The new crispy Pepparmint in town to track file requests.

Version 1.02

Ego Helper Pepper

Helps the Ego iPhone app work with Mint by creating a secure mini-API for hit and visit statistics. Ego available at http://ego-app.com.

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