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Mint Peppermill

Third-party Pepper

Version 1.06

Error Tracker Pepper

Enables you to see common HTTP errors (401, 403, 404, and 500) that your visitors receive while accessing your site.

Version 1.01

Errors Pepper

Pepper that helps tracking down dead links.

Version 0.1

Feedback Pepper

Feedback for Mint 1.2/2.0 is a Pepper which tracks your (RSS/Atom) feeds. By using a seperate ‘tracker’ you can see how many hits, subscribers and views your feed has. The tracker will…

Version 2.03

Feedburner Pepper

Feedburner will display Feedburner feed statistics within Mint.

Version 0.55

GeoMint Pepper

GeoMint uses the hostip.info database to track your visitors ip address with their geographic locations and shows them on a Google Map.

Version 1.1

Growl Pepper

Growl Pepper will send notifications to you via Growl whenever events you specify happen on your website. For example, when you get a new referral or a unique visitor. You can also setup custom…

Version 1.02

Holy Crap! Pepper

Holy Crap! is a pane-less Mint pepper that sends an email alert when your website receives a referral from the front page (or popular section) of traffic generating sites like del.icio.us, Digg, or…

Version 2.0

Link Spice Pepper

Link Spice allows you to “tag” incoming links to your site with ‘campaigns’ and ‘terms’ enabling you to track incoming clicks from ads, newsletters, emailings and…

Version 2.51

Locations Pepper

This Pepper tracks the geographical locations, based on IP addresses.

Version 1.14

Locations+ Pepper

It’s not as fast as Locations, but it tracks regions and cities as well.

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